Technical Training

Learn how to use the Motorcoach Marketing Council Toolbox. Customization, making orders, printing, downloading and everything else you will need to get up and running fast.

Marketing Training

How to order is only part of our program. How to choose what campaings to use, when to use them and how to sell your fleet more effectively is what make this training special.

Sales Training

Whether you are the sales person or you have an entire sales team, these trainings will show you how to use the tools. Get ideas, find new markets, and sell more charters.


Popular Courses

Motorcoach Marketing Introduction



“Yes, these are great tools and yes, I am very excited to put them to work for Starline, but more importantly to me, these tools and especially the trainings, make my entire sales and marketing team more effective. That is a huge win for us as a company and as an industry!”

Gladys Gillis

This is an incredible opportunity for operators to market their businesses with a turn key system that lets us all look incredibly professional.

Peter Shelbo

This is the first time that we, as an industry, have had simple, elegant, cohesive, tools that we can use to market our company and our industry. It is so simple to use on our own computers, in our own offices, for our own companies. This is very exciting.

Autum Dipert Brown